dijous, 15 de desembre de 2016


c  o  r  e

Don’t  ask me
by the force that burns
and propagates me,

Don’t  ask me
the secret of magma
which ascends the ducts
of  lacerated  skin [...]

From the body’s core
sprouting stems are born
and perforates  epithelia
and primary vortex

From the body’s core
ascends the bruise,
that vampire shadow
biting where it deepens
in the habit of inertia:

©  Ophelia riu  2016

dimarts, 13 de desembre de 2016

I doubt[...]

I doubt[...]

[...] and between the bittersweet hybrid of the hours
I doubted
if it's when you steal me the most
that I understand the meaning
that nuance that brings the truth
sewn in the shadow of secrecy,
that flattery word,
that plans to the edge
a stalking in claw
to tear the temples
and oppresses and burns
as a forgetfulness
and it's a knife
it gets cold
on all the urgency
and on anatomy dissection
of my delirium

Among the bittersweet hybrid of the hours
“I hesitated”, I say
because when you steal me
it's when I most yearn[...]

©  Ophelia riu  2016

diumenge, 11 de desembre de 2016

inaudible pearls…

inaudible  pearls…

when we were wild[…]
and walked
wrapped in a cruel beauty
night crescent
those time inaudible pearls
they make this a smooth road construction

and stay full
tapes tears
balancing  the blue star
and pentagram
the song of the sirens

when we were wild[…]
clusters of golden age
and drawing
with hexagonal ice’s calligraphy

©  Ophelia riu  2016